Bulk Liquid Transportation - BLT FLexitank for sea, rail and road transportation

Comprehensive Logistic Service

Thanks to our worldwide partners, we are able to provide a one stop shop for Flexitank packaging, planning, and shipping your cargo anywhere you need it.

Integrated Flexitank Service

360° Full Service

— Analyze customers’ needs and examine the compatibility of the bulk cargo shipped with our Flexitanks;
— Identify and propose the most efficient Flexitank solution;
— Research & Develop and manufacture the customized Flexitank;
— Select and fit the container;
— Loading assistance and haulage to port;
— Chose and implement the most suitable and cost effective transportation method;
— Assist cargo unload and on-site support;
— Flexitank Removal and recycling;

Advanced Traceability System

Thanks to our advanced and unique traceability system, we are always able to trace our Flexitanks - from the raw material to the final product shipped. This gives us an immediate advantage when our intervention is needed promptly.

After Sales Service

With our extensive network of worldwide partners, we are able to guarantee an immediate 24H emergency response anywhere in the world.